One glance easily identifies a Bigoon as a giant, mutated raccoon. The creature is well over two meters (6 feet) tall (old males being known to reach three or more meters in length, nose to tail). The Bigoon’s teeth are very much enlarged, for a nasty bite. The creature also has heightened strength to complement its native intelligence and cunning. Despite its increased size and strength, the Bigoon has lost none of the manipulative dexterity of its small progenitor. The hand-sized forepaws of a Bigoon are quite nimble and can be used to open simple closures and latches. The Bigoon is a nocturnal hunter and has infravisual capabilities. When hungry, a Bigoon attacks virtually anything, but the creature is prone to ignore other creatures if well fed, unless its curiosity is aroused. A well-fed Bigoon has been known to playfully knock down a passing human in order to tear open a carried sack. Fortunately, a blow from a Bigoon’s forepaw does only light damage. A lone Bigoon is usually a rogue male. If three or more are encountered, they are likely to be a mother and her immature young. Bigoons are all capable of climbing trees sturdy enough to hold their weight.

(The creature first appeared in first edition Gamma World module: GW1 Legion of Gold)

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