Introduced in the Gammarauders Gamma World boardgame, the bioborgs are living cybernetic siege engines used by the various Cryptic Alliance factions in a struggle to reshape Gamma Earth in their own image. Each bioborg is a giant version of a terrestrial creature, some 60 feet tall and mounted with an array of weapons systems and armor. Bioborgs are wielded by handlers with whom they develop an intense loyalty. The process for creating these creatures is known as the Womba process, created by renegade Lab Rat scientist Professor Womba, who was later killed by another faction, the Slugnoids in order to steal the technology.

Known BioborgsEdit

There are several identified bioborgs, all of them given a personal name as well as a species or model name suggesting that there may be many individual bioborgs of a given design, or it may simply refer to the species of giant creature the bioborg was created from.

In addition to these is a bioborg known as the Gammasaurus, a failed prototype much larger than the others but which proved impossible to control. It prowls the wastes looking to devour anything it comes across including other bioborgs.

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