With concentration, the mutant may increase normal level of body functions selectively. The character suffers 3 points of damage every time the mutation is used. Exact effects are:

Enhance sight: He gains the ability to see up to 60 meters at night, in fog or in water and can visually gauge radiation intensity.

Enhance hearing: He hears everything within 90 meters and can't be surprised (though catching exact meanings will be difficult).

Enhance touch: He gains an intuitive understanding of the structure of anything touched. In combat, this increases damage done via direct physical contact by 12 points.

Enhance smell: He may distinguish smells not within his olfactory range, much like a dog. Character can track like a bloodhound and can determine when poison is present in something.

Muscle control: He speeds up his body to twice its normal level of functioning, doubling movement rates and allowing for twice the normal number of attacks in Physical (not Mental) Combat. The character improves performance in only one area per use.

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