This group was founded by a biochemist who survived the holocaust and was amazed to find that non-human mutations often had brains of a quality equal to or greater than humans. He gathered a small group of followers, and their goals were to unify all intelligent creatures in a world of enlightened coexistence and freedom of choice (noble old thoughts!). They have some ties with other cryptic alliances, such as the “Seekers”, and oppose the aims of both the “Purists” and the “Friends of Entropy”. The Brotherhood of Thought may be found in forests, mountains, and hills, usually in tiny villages. They maintain a very low profile, traveling in groups of three - one human, one humanoid, and one mutated animal, to better spread the word of their cause. In dangerous or populated areas, they use a secret sign to contact each other. This sign is a tracing of the infinity symbol across the forehead as though casually brushing hair.