This unusual device was created by the machine intelligences of Xi, as a means of reprisal against the use of psychic abilities to damage the user, generating a psychic counterattack against the aggressor. The device is a ring, designed to be worn on a finger, not much thicker than a class ring, and is seemingly without any biological components, sculpted entirely out of mottled ceramic. How it detects incoming psychic attack (and why only psychic, as opposed to conventional attack) or how it targets it's enemy is as much of a mystery as how it generates psychic effects without any "mind" to generate the effect. There has been some suggestion that the material the ring is made of somehow causes a kind of feedback in mind of psychics attempting to use mental attacks--but the ring doesn't impede the user from engaging in psychic attacks, not any others nearby from attacking or being attacked it turn with mental abilities. The device is somewhat more puzzling for its origins among the robots of Xi. It is puzzling why robots would be so concerned with protecting against, or using as a defense, psychic power as it seems to be a completely alien energy to non-organic minds. Why they would devise their defense as a ring (as opposed to a hardware upgrade) or why they would make it out of such unusual materials just compounds the mystery. Nevertheless the cognition anchor has proven to be a very useful, if somewhat narrowly focused protective item by those on the lookout for Omega Technology.

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