Deathmoss is a lush, soft-looking, moss-like plant which appears to be no different from other growths of similar plants. Creatures seem to be naturally attracted to its springy surface and comfortable bed. This is unfortunate for them but assures the Deathmoss of food and propagation. This plant has developed an aromatic sap which is released when its stems and leaves are bruised by weight, and any creature which succumbs to it falls into a comatose sleep. The Deathmoss has developed boring root tendrils, which penetrate the flesh of comatose creatures and inject dissolving juices which bring a nutrient sludge to the roots in a short time. Thus fed, the Deathmoss both grows up to one-square meter per feeding and develops berries to attract new prey. This purple-veined gray fruit, when eaten, increases all five senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste) for one hour, but thereafter causes a 50% loss of normal senses for another hour.

(The creature first appeared in first edition Gamma World module: GW1 Legion of Gold)

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