One of this mutant’s senses (sight, smell, taste, etc.) will not function at normal levels (i.e., mutant may not smell an approaching predator or smell the burning woods he is in). Examples includes:

Vision Defect: Mutants with this defect suffer from one of the many possible eye problems such as myopia, astigmatism; etc., but are not blind. They must subtract 4 points from their die roll to hit opponents in combat and they have difficulty seeing objects over 15 meters away, or seeing up to 60 meters by day and losing all night vision.

Hearing Defect: Mutant is deaf to everything outside of a 3-meter radius and, if alone, is surprised an a roll of 1 through 3.

Smelling Defect: Mutant loses all smell and gets no olfactory warnings of hazardous substances. He is also immune to aromas designed to entice the unwary, however.

Touch Defect: Mutant's sense of touch is impaired and he subtracts 3 from his die rolls when trying to figure out an artifact.

Taste Defect: The mutant's pallet is weak, and has trouble distinguishing flavors. The mutant would not know the difference between fresh food or spoiled by taste alone.

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