Duraskin is synthetic leather from the Shadow Years with a wide range of uses and applications. As the name would imply, this material exceptionally strong and puncture-resistant, much like a soft, flexible duralloy, but far from indestructible.

Duraskin was used on androids and humanoid robots to make them look life-like, as well as on humans to change their appearance. This was done by specialized robots and human artists with spray-on applicators and airbrushes for color. This was not common for most humanoid robots, and was mostly used for robotic actors. Duraskin was commonly used to make leather-like clothing and equipment, and as a part of duraplaster construction.

Duraplaster is sheetrock covered in duraskin. This was a common material used in building construction during the Shadow Years.


Duraskin and Duraplaster was first used in the Adventure Booklet for Second Edition Gamma World.

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