The Eradicator Mk3 is a combat robot found in the 7th edition of Gamma World.

Eradicator-class robots are powerful war machines designed to defend crucial installations and provide battlefield security. They’re fitted with an impressive arsenals of lasers, grenades, and other implements of mayhem. Many have accumulated serious programming errors and logic-processor damage over the years, making them unpredictable at best; approach with care.


Under the rules for the edition it was designed for, it can out-range any character. If the GM exploits this, he can have the robot fly well above the battlefield and shoot downward, making short work of any party.


  • The robot eradicator has a melee attack, Alloy Tentacle. It has the basic melee attack icon, but it is incorrectly given a range of "Ranged 40" instead of something more reasonable such as "Melee 4" (which allows a melee attack within 20 feet).
  • Even though it's suitable for the Gatling Laser, "Ranged 40" is still too powerful (per notes). It will also need the range reduced to "Ranged 20".

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