Characters will often wish to climb steep cliffs, explore dark caves, cross chasms or perform other feats requiring special equipment. Items they may need include a wooden staff as a hiking aid or weapon (treat as a club). They will certainly want one or more portable light sources. These may include torches (each able to light a 30-meter/100-feet diameter for 1 hour), candles (each able to light a 12-meter/40-feet area for 2 hours), a lantern (lighting a 30-meter/100-feet area for 3 hours on a flask of oil) or a glow cube (powered by a Hydrogen Energy Cell good for 24 hours and lighting a 90-meter/300-feet diameter area or casting a concentrated beam that can be seen for 30 kilometers/18 miles). Iron spikes and a small rock hammer with which to pound them in will be useful for climbing. Also useful for climbing (or tying up prisoners) are plastic cord and hemp rope. A map of an area will be useful in planning marches and a lexicon will aid communication with natives who don't understand trade language. Even if they have no Lantern, a flask of flammable oil may come in handy as a weapon to destroy or scare off unintelligent creatures (those with Intelligence less than 3). A tube of insect repellent (good for six people for two weeks) will help keep away the Soul Besh (which won't approach those who are liberally anointed with repellant). A useful item for starting fires or signaling on sunny days or for use in trading is a steel mirror. Binoculars may be used to increase the distance at which the user can clearly identify other characters and objects by a multiple of 10. Ultraviolet/Infrared goggles let the wearer see into both the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums (identifying objects as heat sources) and identify radiation sources (and Intensity Levels). I.D. of various types will help characters explore installations.

(From Gamma World, second edition)

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