Force Field Generation: This endows the mutant with the power to create an invisible wall of energy through which physical objects may not pass. The wall forms around the body of the mutant (about 15 centimeters out) and will take 5 dice of accumulated damage (as though it were the mutant) before being forced down. The force field requires no effort to maintain once it is established and will last up to one hour (unless it is driven down by damage) before it dissipates. Only one such force field may be generated by the mutant in a 24 hour period.

Repulsion Field: This is similar to a force field, only a repulsion field may be formed up to 15 meters away from the mutant and may be used to surround or trap other beings. In ail other respects It functions like a force field. Indeed, a mutant with this ability could use it exactly like a force field if he so desires, and it could be termed an improved force field.

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