The Gammasaurus

A rogue prototype bioborg of immense size and power, the Gammasaurus has become an engine of destruction feared throughout the wastes known as the "Big Nada." Where all bioborgs are huge, the Gammasaurus is immense, easily double the size of any other of its kind and able to mount three times as much firepower. Its body is long and serpentine, covered in large scales resembing a chinese dragon, with a forward set of legs and a hind set of flippers as well as rows of catapillar-like stumpy legs along it's belly. Gammasaurus has three heads, a fishlike head resembling a carp, a birdlike head with an ornate crest, and a hooded cobra-like head with fangs and a long tongue. Each head operates independantly and has it's own weapons systems.

The Gammasaurus seems drawn to attack other bioborgs and their bases as if drawn by some resentment toward its creators that goes far beyond territoriality or the need to forage and subsist. It seems to be driven by a deeper need for revenge.

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