Genetic Booster is used to induce mutations.

First edition GW: (Genetic Booster does not appear in this edition.)

Second edition GW: A 15 centimeter long disposable jet-spray tube containing a biogenetic agent that alters the genetic code of cells, causing rampant mutations. Pure Strain Humans are immune to this substance, suffering no effect from it. Other characters using it have a 50% chance (roll 50 or less on d%) of gaining a mutation of their choice. If a character doesn't succeed in gaining a mutation of his choice, he must add one new randomly selected mutation to himself instead. If the character was trying to gain a new Physical Mutation, the randomly selected mutation will be physical; if a Mental Mutation was being tried for, the new mutation will be mental. Roll d% (unmodified) and find the result on the PC Mutation Table. This is the character's new mutation. It appears in one week.

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