Symbol of the Lab Rats Cryptic Alliance

The Lab Rats are a Cryptic Alliance introduced in the Gammarauders Gamma World boardgame, in an era set 700 years after the age of the Ancestors. They are a highly intelligent organization dedicated to the pursuit of pure science as a means to further itself, seeing the desire to seek practical applications as a form of corruption (most notably with regard to the renegade Professor Womba and his creation of bioborgs

They favor practical academic clothing, often labcoats with thick protective eyewear and carry bazookas as personal firearms. Their installations resemble academic facillities with many classrooms, conference areas and laboratories connected by long sprawling hallways. There is a tendency in Lab Rat bases for experimental projects to spill out into open spaces, filling them with clutter and occasionally loosing dangerous experiments. The Lab Rats have developed a proceedure for creating ultra-hard ice which they use in the creation of most of their military gear, from hovertanks and aircraft to munitions. Their symbol is the silhuette of a microscope in profile.

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