The League of Free Men were a political activist group from the Shadow Years who advocated a united world government. This was in direct opposition to the Autonomists, who wanted the old system of separate sovereignty, where each state can maintain their own laws and customs.

The leader of the League is known as 'Mr. Humphries', and his battle cry (and that of the League) is 'I'm free'.

Although records of the Shadow Years are hazy, the LFM was beleved to have been the first known victims of the terrorist attacks from that era. It is believed that on September 16, 2309, some 5,000 members of the LFM were demonstrating for a unified would government, when a small neutron bomb was detonated in the midst of the crowd, killing most of the demonstrators (and passably a good number of bystanders). Rumors held opponents of world government, a group known as the Autonomists, responsible for the terrorism, but no guilt was ever proved. Three months later, on December 23, several hundred known Autonomists were assassinated in separate locations, and three main offices of the Autonomists were the targets of a deadly nerve gas attack that claimed an additional 3,000 lives. There was no proof, but the blame for the killings was placed on the LFM. The failure of official investigations to convict the perpetrators of these mass murders created a wave of vigilante actions; retaliation followed retaliation. The problem was compounded as the terrorism spread across national boundaries, engulfing the world with bloodshed.

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