Mech-Land, or Robot Farm, is an automated complex that grows different crops in an efficient rotation system. Robots grow and harvest produce from hydroponics or animal cloning. Compared to traditional farming, this possess yields a larger quantity of produce, while not being subjected to seasons, and all in a self-contain enviroment. The products of this type of complex are canned and stored there for pickup by authorized shippers (unfortunately, they disappeared with the loose of the transportation system).

The Robot farm is controlled by logic circuits based in the main control building. In the area are at least 3-12 maintenance robots, 1-10 security robots, and diverse farming units with rudimentary logic circuits for farm work. There is a chance that humans coming into the area can prove proper authorization to the controlling computer and obtain large quantities of food without alerting the security robots. Often these Mech-Lands are the private property of a local tribe, village, or city, and will supplement the robotic security with their own human/humanoid guards.

Robot farms are found in all parts of the world, including mountains, deserts, and under oceans and lakes. On long-range spaceships, stations or colonies without a viable enviroment (like the Moon), robot farms are an essential form of life-support.

The chicken-cloning factory in the module Famine in Far-Go is an example of a Mech-Land.

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