First edition GW: (Genetic Booster does not appear in this edition.)

Second edition GW: A 5x10x15 centimeter metal and plastic box that can be hung on a belt for transportation. A micro-computer in the unit controls sensors that analyze medical problems in any subject it scans. The unit is held next to the skin when a scan is desired. If a character wants the kit to heal a wound, he holds it over the trauma area. The kit automatically sutures wounds, injects anti-toxins and antibiotics (where needed) and even gives simple instructions on how to perform operations. It will also spray antiseptic dressings on treated wounds. Kits are powered by a Chemical Energy Cell and keep functioning as long as their drug banks are full. There are about 4 treatments per drug bank for each type of problem the kit is designed to handle. Replacement banks (with built-in power cells) will be found in military depots and chemical plants. Medi-kits have only a 45% chance of functioning for Humanoids and a 25% chance for Mutated Animals. Medi-kits will never inject anyone with a substance (Accelera Dose, for example) poisonous to the patient. They heal 21-30 (1d10+20) Hit Points of damage to Pure Strain Humans per use and (if they work on the patient) 11-20 (1d10+10) Hit Points of damage to Humanoids and Mutated Animals. The average Medi-kit heals 202-240 (2d20+200) points of damage before exhausting its Drug Banks.

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