Mindbooster is used to temporarily boost ones intelligence.

First edition GW: This adds a plus 3 to the recipient's mental strength for 1 hour. The patient must then have total rest for 4 hours or lose 3 points of intelligence permanently. Mind Boosters come in pill form (the most common), injections (rare), suppositories (commonly mistaken for pills), a patch, and possibly others.

Second edition GW: A 15 centimeter long disposable jet-spray tube, containing a compound that enhances mental functioning. The user's MS is increased by 3 for 1 hour after taking the compound. However, he must rest for 4 hours immediately after the drug wears off or he will permanently lose 3 points from his IN. There is only a 30% chance that Mind Boosters will work on Humanoids and a 5% chance that they will work on Mutated Animals.

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