Plant has a network of modified vines or roots surrounding it. They are camouflaged by ground cover or hang from nearby trees. This network extends for 3 meters around small Plants, 12 meters around man-sized Plants and 15 meters around trees. Such mutations include:

Poison Vines: Plant has network of tendrils dotted with sharp thorns coated with 3d6 Intensity Level Poison.

Tangle Vines: Plant has network of thin, interlaced vines which entangle victims. Normally quiet, once triggered, they slowly writhe and twist around anything thrust into their midst. They only stop when they are severed or their plant is killed.

Squeeze Vines/Roots: Plant has 2-12 vines or roots (GM's choice) that spring up when activated and whip about until they meet a solid object which they wrap around and squeeze until destroyed. Each vine does 2d6 damage per Action Turn. They are destroyed if severed or when their Plant dies.

Manipulation Vines: Plant has 2d4 tough (but not strong) gripping vines. They do no damage themselves, but can manipulate weapons or grab characters like Tangle Vines. They die when severed or when their Plant is killed.

Sucker Vines: Plant has 4d6 vines edged with suckers that affix themselves to a victim on a successful hit. Each vine does 1d6 damage each Action Turn it is attached to a victim (including the first). Sucker Vines release their victim when their Plant or the victim is killed. Even when severed, they keep draining the victim's life force.

Carnivorous Jaws: Plant has 2d6 mouth-like feeders at the end of 15-meter tendrils. The feeders are lined with spines and secrete acid. Each does 1d8 damage and will try to devour victims until severed or its Plant is killed.

Boring Tendrils: Plant has network of thousands of tiny tendrils that use abrasive pads and special acids to eat through almost anything. The length of time needed to bore through something depends an its composition.

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