This is a dangerous but powerful ability that may only be used infrequently. Upon attempting molecular disruption, whether it works or not, the mutant is reduced to 1 hit point and one-half movement for 1 full day. The chance of success varies with the subject matter involved: metal and dense material have a 3% chance of being disrupted per point of mental strength, stone and non-living material has a 4% chance per point of mental strength, and living organisms have a 5% chance of being disrupted per point of mental strength possessed by the mutant. Up to 50 kilograms of contiguous matter, within a range of 30 meters, may be destroyed in this manner. For example: A mutant with a mental strength of 15 would have a 75% chance of disrupting an Obb and a 45% chance of disrupting a metal door. Once this ability is employed, a varying number of days (referee rolls d6, with result unknown to player) must pass before it will have any chance of succeeding again.

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