Muskor the Oxoid and handler

Muskor is an Oxoid, transformed into a living weapon known as a bioborg through the research of renegade Lab Rats scientist, Professor Womba. Bioborgs function as living siege engines, a fusion of powerful cybernetics, power plants and weaponry fused with a dangerous mutated animal from the wastes. The bioborgs are led in battle by trainers to whom they forge deep and trusting bonds. Their purpose in the battlefield, in addition to combatting enemy units is to forage for energy pods--a biological energy source which has begun to grow wild across the rolling plains of the "Big Nada", and to seek out and destroy the bases of rival Cryptic Alliances. It is hoped once a single Cryptic Alliance has been able to unite the rest that the process of rebuilding the world can begin, before raiders like the Slugnoids despoil what's left of the world.

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