Add one or more parts, not usually found on the being in question, such as: third eye (back of head), feelers (radiation sensitive), antennae (light sensitive), pincers, fur coat, feathers, radiation absorbing organ, and so on.



The mutant grows body parts not normally found on their species. The character gets as many as these parts as is reasonable, one tail, a pair of pincer claws, etc. Animal and plant characters can get true arms with hands, snakes can get real legs , etc. Whatever the mutant acquires, it must be usable and beneficial. A second head means only single brain, but there are two sets of sensory organs (eyes, ears, etc). Roll a d10 on the table below. If the character already has that body part, they can choose to get a second set of them or reroll. Altered humans suffer a -2 penalty on Robot Recognition for having the new body part mutation.

Roll Part

1 Tentacles

2 Trunk

3 Extra eyes

4 Tail

5 Second Head

6 Claws or Fangs

7 Crab-like pincers

8 Arms or Legs

9 True Hands

10 Kangaroo-like Pouch