Poison Antidote is used to treat poison.

First edition GW: (Genetic Booster does not appear in this edition.)

Second edition GW: A 10 centimeter long disposable jet-spray tube containing an antidote for Intensity Level 3d6 poison. Roll Intensity Level once (when discovered). If used on someone within 30 seconds of exposure to poison, the Antidote may save him from damage or death. Each Intensity Level antidote always works on the same Intensity Level Poison. If an antidote is for another Intensity Level poison, it has a 50% chance of working on the poison the user was exposed to. This chance is modified by + 10% for each Intensity Level the antidote is above the poison and by -10% for each Intensity Level it is below the poison. For example, an Intensity Level 15 poison antidote would have a 60% chance of working on Intensity Level 14 poison and a 40% chance of working on Intensity Level 16 poison. Since antidotes work directly on the poisons in the body, the character's type (Pure Strain Human, Humanoid, etc.) doesn't affect the chances of the antidote working. However, characters with mutations letting them make poison attacks, must check to see if an antidote they take neutralizes their own weapon. If it does, they will be unable to use their own poison for 4 hours.

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