This is the power to sense dangerous situations which will affect, personally, the mutant having the power. It is effective only 3 minutes into the future and requires intense concentration to work. For instance, if the mutant is about to open a door, he may use precognition to see what would happen if he did open the door. It is perfectly legal to change the course of history by acting on such information and not, for example, open the door to receive the ambush waiting on the other side. When a mutant with precognition foresees damage about to be done to his own body, the shock to his nervous system is such that he receives one die (d6) of damage immediately. If the mutant should foresee his own death, he immediately takes two dice (d6) of damage and falls unconscious for 3-18 minutes. The referee may wish to limit the number of times this ability can be used in a day (perhaps by rolling d4 or d6).

The player with this power should be penalized -20% XP if they do not make comments like 'I knew that was going to happen' or something similar.