This mutation requires great concentration, and the mutant must remain motionless while exercising it. On the first melee turn of concentration, up to 3 dice of damage (of any type) is sent back to the beings who inflicted it. On the second melee turn of concentration up to 4 dice of damage is reflected, and so on, until, on the 18th and final turn of this power, up to 20 dice of damage may be reflected. Note: Reflected damage may not exceed damage inflicted. Reflection is usable only once every 24 hours, and while in use, the mutant is subject to simple attacks, such as light generation, which incapacitate, but do no dice of damage. This mutant can maintain concentration and reflection powers even if it takes damage, so long as no other action (combat, fleeing) is initiated. While reflecting, the mutant receives no damage unless damage inflicted exceeds reflecting ability. For example, if the mutant is hit by a laser pistol (which does 5 dice of damage) on the first melee turn of concentration, 3 dice will be reflected and the mutant will receive 2 dice of damage.

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