This is a flightless, mutated mosquito with chameleon powers. It often attains a length of over 1.3 meters and inhabits swamps, marshes, grasslands, and forests, where its powers of concealment enable it to ambush prey. It has a 2 meter long coiled proboscis, which it inserts (preferably into a sleeping victim) causing an immediate die (d6) of damage, and, in the same melee round, Injects intensity 18 paralytic poison. On the next melee round, the Soul Besh begins sucking blood at a rate of 12 hit points per melee turn. The exoskeleton of the soul Besh, when boiled down in a large cauldron, will yield 150 cc of syrupy antidote to intensity 18 poison. 10 cc is the required dose for humans.

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