Stim Dose is used to temporarily boost ones physical strength.

First edition GW: This drug temporarily adds 3 points to the recipient's physical strength, and 1 point to his dexterity for a period of 1 hour. After use, the patient must rest for 4 hours or lose permanently 1 point of physical strength.

Second edition GW: A 10 centimeter long disposable jet-spray tube containing a special stimulant that doubles the user's Speed increases his DX by 1 and increases his PS by 3 for a period of 1 hour. The user must rest for 8 hours immediately after the dose wears off or he takes a permanent loss of 3 from his CN. His Hit Point Score isn't affected by this Constitution loss. There is a 65% chance that this substance will work on Humanoids and Mutated Animals. If it doesn't work, the patient undergoes immediate exposure to Intensity Level 3d6 poison.

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