Suggestion Change (Drug) is used to force people to slavishly follow suggestions.

First edition GW: (called Suggestion Change) This hypnotic drug knocks the user unconscious for a few seconds. When he awakens, he will fix on the first person he sees and follow unquestioningly any suggestions made by that person for up to 4 hours.

Second edition GW: (called Suggestion Change Drug) A 10 centimeter long disposable jet-spray tube containing a hypnotic drug that puts the user in a trance for 10 minutes. While hypnotized, the user may be given instructions that he will follow literally for the next 4 hours, including instructions to take orders from another character. Once out of the drug's trance, the user will only subconsciously remember his instructions. The drug has a 5% chance of working on Humanoids and Mutated Animals.

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