Little is known about the T'Brath. They are an amazonian race of females who hold males of all races in utter contempt. Their name means "She who consumes." They are muscled, barrel-chested humanoids with thick, long locks of green hair, six large breasts, and huge hands. They capture and herd males as livestock and food. No male T'Brath are believed to exist. How the T'Brath continue their race is unknown; possibly they do not need males for producing offspring.

T'Brath are quite destructive and will usually attack on sight. T'Brath are primitive, with some understanding of metal-smithing. Their favorite weapons are the bow and arrow, and the trident. Although they do not normally wear armor―or much clothing for that matter―they sometimes (20%) wear plant-fiber armor. Their hair is treated with a chemical irritant. Whenever they are engaged in hand-to-hand combat, they can also use their hair as a whip to try and blind an opponent.

T'Brath seem uninterested in trade, except in trading for male livestock.

Their mutations are Heightened Precision, and they are unaffected by extreme weather temperature (including arctic or tropical).

(T'Brath first appeared in Gamma World module: GW8 Gamma Base)

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