This is the ability to travel or send objects through the currents of time. The use of this mutation requires an 18 intelligence and the Heightened Intelligence mutation. If the mutant does not have both, roll another mutation. The ability to send objects through time varies with the material involved, and distance in time required. The material travels through time, but remains in the same spot on Gamma World. The energy required, whether or not the attempt succeeds, drains one-half the hit points from the mutant for 1-8 days and reduces the mutant's speed to one-half for 1-12 days. The percentile dice are used to determine the success of time travel:

Distance Traveled Chance of Success
1 week 95%
25 weeks 85%
1 year 80%
5 years 75%
10 years 60%
25 years 50%
50 years 30%
100 years 20%
250 years 10%

The preceding chart is for the mutant and/or any inanimate object not belonging to another being sent into the past. Material which is part of or belongs to another being is more difficult to send through time: subtract 10% for metal or powered items, subtract 15% for stone and other inorganic material, and subtract 20% for biological material (such as another being). To send objects into the future, subtract 25% from each increment on the above table. The mutant must be able to touch whatever he is attempting to send through time and the energy drain occurs even if the attempt fails.

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