First-to-Forth EditionEdit


A Vibro Blade is a handle with hilt that projects a blue-etched force field in the shape of a 40-centimeter (or about 16 inches) sword that will cut through anything except another force field.

A Vibro Dagger is a smaller device that projects a shorter, 20 cm (8") long knife, with the same cutting-power of a Vibro Blade.

These kind of weapons have a short battery-life, with former good for 20 minutes of continuous operation, while the latter is good for 30 minutes. They both require a Hydrogen Energy Cell.

Eighth EditionEdit

A forcefield shaped into an incredibly powerful cutting blade which generates ongoing internal damage within a target from molecular instabilities created when the blade passes through. While the blade is normally of standard fighting length--about 2 feet long, it can be extended out to an astoumding 15 feet to strike enemies at short range firearm distances. Doing so is risky, however as such a blade generates unstable forcefield harmonics which can be deadly to the wielder. The weapon can be modified into a much more stable form, but at the sacrifice of a great deal of it's accuracy and power. The vibroblade is a Thuu Marth technology which remains behind as lost Omega Tech in the ruins of Area 52 facilities.

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